What IS the H2H Crew?

I'll tell you first what it's NOT. It's not JUST a place to learn trial skills.

Sure, we'll have tons of trial skills training (TONS!), but you've got a lot of those at your fingertips. How many CLEs and books have you already invested in?

Instead I've developed the perfect platform for you to TRANSFORM as a communicator and as a trial lawyer. I'm providing a place to learn the From Hostage to Hero Method, to practice, to assimilate your learning, to get coached, and to dig deep. It's time to begin your PATH TO MASTERY.

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Here's what H2H Crew Members are saying...

Jay Vaughn, KY

"Sari has opened my eyes to a better way to connect with the jury. Working with Sari helped me improve my mindset, inner self-worth, and inner self-confidence. I believe [joining the H2H Crew] will change your practice, your outlook on life & cases. You'll feel more free. You'll feel more confident."

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Rachel Montes, TX

"It's called "practicing law" for a reason. Working with Sari is nothing short of amazing. [She] creates a lab for us...to practice. 

One of the most surprising things I've learned about myself is that I don't have to be perfect. Real is better than perfect."

Rachel tells it straight

Joonho Hong, NY

"Sari's commitment to [trial lawyers] made me want to be committed to learning from her. It wasn't until I started training in H2H that it all really clicked for me. This model give you the framework so that you can adapt to any situation. For me, [H2H] brought back the joy in trying cases."

Joon is "all in."

The Four Things You Need to Escalate Your Journey

For the last 15 years I have developed my business and my reputation around the principles of nonverbal communication. During that time, I've also heard the repeated requests of my clients. "More! We need more."

Coming out to Portland to work with me for a week, or to attend a Studio Class is great. But in between those times, you need a place to consistently learn, practice and hone your craft. 

To truly transform as a communicator (and as a trial lawyer), and escalate your journey from hostage to hero, you need FOUR THINGS.

  1. INSTRUCTION - You may have the book (in fact, you'll get one with your enrollment), but as part of the H2H Crew, you'll also have monthly live training with H2H coaches as well as exclusive access to the From Hostage to Hero self-paced course (this will never to be available outside of the membership).
  2. PRACTICE - When you're in court only a few times a year, how do you get better at courtroom skills? You need a place to consistently practice. As part of the H2H Crew, you'll have monthly practice and coaching on voir dire and opening, in addition to trial consulting opportunities.
  3. FEEDBACK - How do you know if you're doing it right or if your communication is being received the way you intend? Someone has to tell you. As part of the H2H Crew, you'll get regular feedback from both coaches and peers.
  4. COMMUNITY - You need the support and encouragement of others that are on the path as well. Don't be isolated. As part of the H2H Crew, we have built-in community for continued conversation and support.
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"It's a Magical Difference"

Michael Cowen first came to work with me "to get a good result." Predominantly doing trucking & catastrophic injury cases in and around San Antonio, he talked to a colleague that got a good result after our work together and wanted that for himself. We worked on the trial skills I teach, but when we got into coaching, that's when the transformation really took place. He noticed through our work together that his mindset began to shift. Rather than an "I have to win" mindset, he now says, "I'm there to do my job. I'm there to fight for my client. I'm not there to make the decision, in fact I CAN'T make the decision; the jurors makes the decision." He's learning to trust them and to look for his ideal jurors.

"H2H perfectly compliments all my other learning."

Chris Madeksho has been a client of mine for the last couple years and was among the first to join the H2H Crew when we opened in July 2020. Listen to Chris talk about how he uses H2H Methods to help him really connect with the jury. As part of the H2H Crew, he worked with other members to flesh out his voir dire. Then, in his most recent case his use of my teaching called "Trial Dialogue" helped him to secure a near $14 million verdict!


There's never been a platform like this!

This isn't another CLE. It's not just another registered event. This is a comprehensive, training ground and practicing center for you to grow as a trial attorney and as a communicator.

I want in!


H2H Crew Members have FREE access to the brand new Time Management Course, Life By Design: Master Your Time to Live Your Dreams along with any new bonus courses we add. 

AND, we'll be adding in a new program called "Mock Jury on Tap" where select H2H Crew Members will get to practice once a month with curated jurors. Try out your Voir Dire questions. Test out your Opening. EVERY MONTH.

Do you see yourself in any of the following statements? Click to hear what I have to say about it.

H2H is the training and practice platform you need to excel your life and give you freedom in the courtroom.

Here's what you get when you become part of the H2H Crew...

A self-paced course for a deeper dive into the H2H Method.

Follow along in this 8 module course with video lessons, printable worksheets, full audio downloads, and additional resources. This will never be sold separately.

Bonus Courses will be added for extended training as well. 

Live Training

Every month we provide live, interactive training to take a deeper dive into the H2H method & trial concepts

Mindset Coaching

Coach Kevin piggybacks off the live training to coach people past their limiting beliefs to step boldly into their authentic, free self.

Case Workshop

Bring your case to the session to get trial consulting help. Dive into strategy, or finding your ideal juror, or damages, or opening template, etc.

Voir Dire Circle

See how your questions land. Practice forming the group. Get real time coaching and feedback on what's working and what's not. 

Nonverbal Coaching

Practice delivering part of your Opening Statement, then receive real-time coaching and peer feedback in nonverbal delivery. Amp up your teaching and storytelling.

Office Hours

Work with our Coaches on your own topic. Whether it's additional mindset coaching, voir dire help, or nonverbal feedback you're looking for, our H2H Coaches are there for you.

H2H Crew

Be part of the exclusive Facebook community group. Engage with other members, post videos, add comments to discussions, and attend a live Q&A each month.

...plus exclusive webinars with some of the industry's leading experts and influencers.

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Sign up for a Monthly Plan ($597/month) or an Annual Plan ($6500). You'll receive immediate access to From Hostage to Hero: The Course, along with all the trainings & recorded sessions in our searchable archives. You'll also receive a free copy of my book, From Hostage to Hero: Captivate the Jury by Setting Them Free

All auto-payments will be locked in at the current rate for the lifetime of your membership.

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