These are services we offer above and beyond our signature H2H Crew program. Additional fees apply. 

Trial Consulting

​Here is your opportunity to work with SariDLM trial consultants, as they lead you through the H2H Method for voir dire, opening, and the innovative concepts that Sari teaches in her book and podcast. 

Choose from a 1/2 day Case Consult to brainstorm and strategize with you and give you the tools you need to take the next steps, or a 2-Day deep dive into the methodology, including a virtual mock jury.

Email [email protected] for rates & availability.

Mindset Coaching

You can drill the trial skills all you want, but if your mindset isn't right, you will be limiting your success right out of the gate. The mindset coaching we do here is transformative as clients learn to identify their Inner Leader, the Saboteur, and work thru their limiting beliefs. We have 5 Co-Active Certified coaches on the SariDLM faculty.


Vocal Coaching with Kristi Foster

One of the most neglected aspects of nonverbal communication is vocal development. We do such much other prep, but we leave the main communication tool to chance. Resident Vocal Coach, Kristi Foster, will help you learn to use your voice on purpose, by coordinating the mechanics with the breath to unlock the full spectrum of range & color. Start with a free vocal assessment to learn more about vocal coaching and if it's right for you.

Schedule a Free Vocal Assessment