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Let the Jury Solve Your Problems in 3 Easy Steps

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Jurors are hostages. They are ordinary people who desperately need you to show them how to be the heroes your client needs. Heroism requires a choice. It’s up to you to inspire jurors to take action.

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"With this book Sari joins the ranks of David Ball, Josh Karton and Claude Stein, the other great non-lawyers who understand our jobs well enough to actually make a contribution to our cases and performance. Sari is a gifted teacher, and there is practical, trial-ready advice on nearly every page. "

Rick Friedman
Attorney, Inner Circle of Advocates, Author

"My experience, over fifty five years of trial work involving well over one hundred jury trials, confirms the unique insight about the jury selection process which is so clearly outlined in this book. A lot of articles and books have been written over the years about jury selection concepts, but this is the first book I’ve read which so clearly and understandably provides accurate insight about the true precepts involved. Every trial lawyer who is involved in a jury trial should read this book first."

Paul Luvera
Attorney, Inner Circle of Advocates, Author

"Fear is often the single greatest reason we lose cases. Ms. de la Motte does an outstanding job of addressing the fear both we and the jurors experience. She addresses the threat response and how it affects both the juror's brains and ours as well. We NEED to understand how the brain works in order to be successful. This book is very helpful to lawyers in the trenches. It addresses issues that every trial lawyer faces and is a must read. "

Dorothy Clay-Sims
Attorney, Author

"I’ve tried over 250 jury cases, so you could argue that I don’t need to read any more “how-to-do-it” books on trial advocacy. But after reading From Hostage to Hero I realized there is still more to learn. This book is a masterpiece on how to overcome your fear in the courtroom and help jurors to do the same. I am a better trial lawyer having read it. Bravo to Sari de la Motte for helping trial lawyers enjoy ourselves and our work more!"

Randy Kinnard
Attorney, Inner Circle of Advocates

"No one has thought more about how trial lawyers can do a better job enlisting and communicating with jurors than Sari de la Motte. Her workshops on voir dire and opening statement are intense, lively and deeply empowering. With her book, From Hostage to Hero, Sari has done the remarkable: she has distilled her expertise on such topics as group formation, personality types (of jurors and lawyers), trust building, persuasion, grounded in science and years of observation, and presented it all in an accessible and, yes, lively read. She is wary of one-size-fits-all prescriptions; this book will be useful for every trial lawyer, whatever her strengths, weaknesses, and experience. This is a book I will always go to as I prepare for trial. Still, reading it reminds me that I’m due for another workshop with Sari’s supportive and critical guidance in real time!"

Corrie Yackulic

"When I read this book, I honestly thought it was written for me!!! I have certainly felt like a failure as I have lost cases and wondered why???? As trial lawyers, we often hear the success stories about the 7-figure verdicts. This book is an easy read --- I wanted to read chapter after chapter. It is reassuring and motivating to know that losing is not really failure and that many many other attorneys are or have been in the same boat. In my opinion, this is must reading for any trial attorney!! Thank you Sari!"

Debra Nelson

"I first met Sari when she presented at an Inner Circle of Advocates meeting. I was impressed by her ability to simplify the difficult art of effective and authentic communication. I’ve now had the privilege of working with Sari on multiple cases and have never been disappointed by the value she adds. This book is a must read for every lawyer who’s willing to invest the energy and discipline into becoming a better trial lawyer through refined, authentic and effective communication."

John Coletti
Attorney, Inner Circle of Advocates

"Wow! Sari combines the many years of training and practice I have personally experienced through her coaching— into one book! If there is just one thing that you take from Sari and her book, it’s that you must focus on “you” to become a great trial lawyer. If you only focus on the verbal and nonverbals of your jurors, you are missing the bigger picture. Sari teaches us about the verbal and nonverbal cues that we are communicating to jurors (many we don’t even know we are communicating!). Sari teaches us that we need to turn the camera on ourselves before we can understand why jurors do what they do. Read the book! You will look at “you” and your jury in an entirely different way."

Tom D'Amore

You’re more than the size of your verdict. 

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